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As I read this poetry thousands of miles away, from my home of a thousand years before, my memories and experiences in nature, in the gardens left behind, in the gardens of the Persian miniatures, emerge and merge with the imagery of the gardens of Khayyam’s poetry and the gardens of this green city, my new city, our new home on the shores of this blue-green ocean. Khayyam encourages me to see that the experience of beauty and exuberance of nature is not left behind. Beauty is here before my eyes, in this city on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by nature. Classical and contemporary Persian poetry has been the most important inspiration for my art and translation practice. The poetry of Hafez, Omar Khayyam, Shafii Kadkani, Sohrab Sepehri and Akhavan Saless has been the focus of my lingo-visual translations. The wisdom, beauty and power of the language continue to motivate and inspire all my work.

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