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2016 Poems and Paintings as Public Ambiance for Discourse, Lingo-visual Re-expression of the Poetry of Shafii                    Kadkani, Conference on Culture and Cultural Production in Iran, University of St. Andrews, UK, June 2016

2015 Lingo-visual translations of the poetry of Shafii Kadkani, Conference on Prismatic Translation, Oxford University,          UK, October 1-3
2015 Visual Interpretations of the Poetry of Shafii Kadkani, Poetry and Music Workshop, Seattle
2014 The Poetry of Shafii Kadkani, English translations and Visual Interpretations, Literary Salon, Tenth Biennial                    Iranian Studies Conference, Montreal, Canada
2013 Painted Poetry, Perception and Expression of Poetry in Visual Language, Simon Fraser University, Winter           

         Colloquium Series, Vancouver, Canada
2013 Painted Poetry, North Vancouver City Library, North Vancouver, Canada
2012 Illustrating the Hidden Messages of Persian Poetry, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada
2011  Drawings on geometries, Traditions, Memories: Interview with Mohsen Yazdani, Vancouver, Canada
2001 Gardens of Islam, Presentation at Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


2016  My Blue Canvas, Memories and Meditations, Life and Art,  Anahita Productions, Vancouver, May 2016

2010  Parvin Etesami Award for Translation for In the Mirror of the Stream

2008 Mohammadreza Shafii Kadkani. In the Mirror of the Stream: Selected Poems. Paintings and English         

          Translations: Pari Azarm Motamedi. Editor: Alan Williams. Sokhan Publishers, Tehran, 2008

2006 Seeker, Sentry, Sage: Shades of Islam in Contemporary Art, Introduction: Clarity and Confusion; Maltwood        

          Gallery, University of Victoria 1997 4th International Conference of the Visual Arts; Vancouver; Canada,

1989  Fear of Others: Art Against Racism; Vancouver

1987  Artropolis: Contemporary British Columbia Art; Vancouver, Canada

1995  Games of Destiny: Art, design, meaning and fun merge in the wearable game pieces of Pari Azarm Motamedi;             Sharon Elaine Thompson, Lapidary Journal, Pennsylvania, May

1994  Beyond Tradition; Look West; Michelle Vanthiel, Calgary, Oct./Nov.

1994  Diamonds Unplugged; Canadian Jeweller, July, 1994

1994  DeBeers Award: Beyond Tradition: A Union of Diamonds and CraftNational Jewellery Competition, Canada,               June 1994

1994  Canadian Craft Museum Award, Vancouver, June 1994



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